2011 Topps Patrick Keating custom card   2 comments

Patrick Keating 2011 ToppsThis is the final card of my 2011 Topps spring training Royals set. Patrick Keating is just another great arm in the Royals organization. I believe he is currently in AA Northwest Arkansas. He is a rarity in the Royals organization in the fact that he is right handed. The system is full of left handed pitchers and a couple righties will have to be in the rotation as well. This could mean a future spot for guys like Hochevar, Aaron Crow and Patrick Keating.

This set is now done and I am moving on to my next project; my first original custom set. I will start posting the cards soon.

Posted April 11, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in 2011 Topps Royals

2 responses to “2011 Topps Patrick Keating custom card

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  1. How would I get this card I am Patrick’s father and have seen this card online but have never been able to purchase it

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