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Matt Treanor 2011 ToppsI really like Matt Treanor after watching him play a few games for the Royals. Would I want him to catch every day for the Royals? Probably not. He does appear to be a great guy to have on the club. I really wanted to see Lucas May get a shot to platoon with Brayan Pena to start the year though. Instead May is at AAA Omaha and the Royals had to risk losing him in order to add Treanor.

Treanor is a light hitting defensive catcher. He was drafted way back in 1994, by the Royals ironically enough. He spent ten seasons in the minor leagues before ever getting to the show. The Royals wanted a veteran catcher to catch the younger starters in the rotation so they purchased Treanor’s contract. He was in spring training camp in a Royals uniform for two games before starting on opening day. I was extrememly glad to add him to my spring training set and he is the entire reason for my “update” set. The update set is almost over, there will be no more, I promise, after tomorrow. I will post the last card then.

Posted April 10, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in 2011 Topps Royals

3 responses to “2011 Topps Matt Treanor

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  1. I actually like your update set. I like them better than actual 2011 Topps.

  2. Oh…and this card is awesome! Sentiments shared regarding Treanor.

  3. Thanks Dave, I appreciate the feedback. Your site was a big part in me starting with this so I owe many thanks to you.

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