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Joakim Soria 2006 Topps custom card

Joakim Soria 2006 Topps custom card; the 5th picture if you search for "Joakim Soria Card" on google images.

Custom cards are getting some respect by Google images. I search for Joakim Soria a lot on the internet looking for pictures for my “History of Joakim Soria” project. I happened to search for “Joakim Soria card” on Google images and was surprised to see several of my own cards there. Not only that but a couple of my colleges are high in the search results as well.

For an example I will give the results of the first 57 results. They are staggering to me. Goose Joak holds down the number 1 and 2 search results. Goose has a total of 11 cards in the top 57 including 4 in the top 10. I place 2 in the top 10 (numbers 5 and 8 ) and 5 overall cards. Another custom designer (CSD) also has 5 results in the top 57.

Overall of the top 57 results there are 22 Joakim Soria custom cards. Of those same 57 results only 18 are actual Joakim Soria cards. Impressive in my opinion for the custom card designers out there.

Now visit these sites:

Goose Joak Custom Cards

CSD Custom Cards

Posted April 27, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in History of Joakim Soria

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