History of Joakim Soria: 1997 Topps   4 comments

History Of Joakim Soria 1997 Topps custom cardThis is one of the first ’90’s cards I tried to tackle and it wasn’t very easy. So many times I glance at a card and think; simple, no problem. I am often wrong. This design is a little boring overall. This is one of the years I bought a lot of cards, I believe I was only a couple short of completing a whole Series One set from packs alone. I tend to go in waves, some years I buy a lot,  others I don’t buy many. For instance I bought tons of 2010 Topps packs but to date I still have only bought one pack of 2011.

I think it is actually really smart to not buy packs now. I can spend a lot of money on packs hoping to pull a Royals card or I can hop on eBay and buy the whole Royals set for the price of about 2 packs total, and that is after shipping. I love buying packs of cards for the unknown factor but it just isn’t practical.

Back to the card; A couple interesting things about the card; It has no position, the vast majority of card list the players position. They normally even list the team even though the team logo is represented. The name is the really distinctive thing on the card. The first name in outlines and the last in a solid color. This is a cool way to be able to butt the first and last names together but overall makes it hard to read.

The border in 1997 Topps varied colors. The Royals apparently randomly got red. The border also has drop shadows and fades making it very difficult to re-create. I don’t think I nailed it but I go pretty damn close.

Posted April 29, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in History of Joakim Soria

4 responses to “History of Joakim Soria: 1997 Topps

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  1. Wow, really fantastic job. I think you represented this set quite well.

  2. Thanks, it was one of the most difficult so far. I did 1996 as well but I don’t like it as well as your Brad Hawpe from the 1996 set.

  3. Very cool. Topps used red for American League teams and green for National League teams in 1997. I always thought this could have been a great design had Topps gone with team colors for each card (Joakim would have had a blue card), and if they had included the team name at the top in the same style as the players’ name. You’ve done a great job with the template though!

  4. Amazing I never picked up on the AL/NL thing, I probably knew back in the day but have since completely forgot.

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