2011 Just Fair: Mother’s Day; Carlos Beltran and Hanley Ramirez   Leave a comment

Mets Carlos Beltran 2011 Just Fair Pink BatMarlins Hanley Ramirez Just Fair Pink Bat

I wanted to do something related to Mother’s Day and didn’t quite know what to do. I thought about trying something about players’ moms but quickly realized that would be way too hard and not make a lot of sense. Then I thought about what baseball does, the pink bat. I could just do a couple of my Just Fair 2011 cards and use pictures of pink bats.

This would actually involve breaking a personal rule of mine. I like to use current pictures. This was something I envisioned when I started my Just Fair set. I wanted to use almost all pictures from the current year and mostly pictures from within a couple days of when I post the cards. I wouldn’t be able to get pink bat pictures from 2011 unless I wait until late in the day I think, so I decided to use pictures from the last couple years. I just needed to be sure all the players were still on the same team.

So here is my tribute to Mother’s Day. Pink Bats to benefit breast cancer which has become a tradition now. I like the idea and the fact that it is special to Mother’s Day and I really hope it continues.

Posted May 8, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in Just Fair '11

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