2011 Just Fair: Zack Greinke, Troy Tulowitzki and Miguel Tejada   2 comments

Giants Miguel Tejada custom card

Brewers Zack Greinke Just Fair custom cardRockies Troy ulowitzki Just Fair custom card

No rhyme or reason here, just more cards to add to the set. I wanted to do a Greinke pretty bad for some reason, maybe I secretly still like the guy. I think this may be the first mention of him since the trade which oddly coincided with the creation of this website. Maybe the Greinke card is because I am thinking about the trade a lot right now. I think I am ready to jump on the Lorenzo Cain  needs to be called up bandwagon, we’ll see after tonight’s game in the Bronx, it will have to be a chatty post.

Troy Tulowitzki is a monster, he is really good, it is hard not to like a guy like him. Miguel Tejada is random, I was just shocked to see the Giants were playing him primarily at shortstop still. At this point in his career I would think he is definitely third base material, if not DH.

Posted May 10, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in Just Fair '11

2 responses to “2011 Just Fair: Zack Greinke, Troy Tulowitzki and Miguel Tejada

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  1. Just fantastic additions. I am really digging this set…no surprise!

  2. Thanks Dave, I think the Greinke crop needs re-done but I like the tight crop on Tejada and the Tulo picture is just great. A nice picture does a lot for a card.

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