2011 Just Fair Heroes: Cal Ripken Jr   Leave a comment

2011 Just Fair Heroes Cal Ripken Jr.I’m not going to do a lot of these. I have dubbed this “subset” simply “Heroes.” I am working on variations for my set now to try to keep it fresh for me and the readers. I don’t have a ton of heroes but Cal Ripken is probably at the top of the list no matter how long it is.

The “Heroes” subset is will be numbered along with the original set but as I said, there won’t be many of them. I’m thinking maybe 3-5 cards will be it. This means I likely won’t have a Micky Mantle or anything like that in this set. This is something Topps is doing now, inserting several retired players into their sets. This is a great idea but is a little overused.

He has always been my favorite player. I have literally hundreds of cards of him and countless magazines, figures and other collectibles like that. I got his autograph during his last season and it is one of the highlights of my life. It just hit me all at once, “I have my own card set, Cal Ripken has to be in it.”

Posted May 12, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in Just Fair '11

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