History of Joakim Soria: 1988 Topps   Leave a comment

History Of Joakim Soria 1988 custom cardThis one is interesting. I have mentioned before how much I like using unorthodox pictures, this definitely fits the bill. 1988 Topps was a basic set, no many frills but not to the point that it was boring. The team name is over the picture which is different than most Topps years. This had to be taken into consideration when chosing the photo. To a lesser extent, it was important to make sure the diagonal name in the bottom left hand corner didn’t cover up anything important.

I think the reason I like this card is the fact that it has tension. Soria’s full body is on the card but he is about to explode into a pitch and it looks like the space on the card won’t be able to contain him. This picture is taken right at the top of the windup where he is about to explode toward the target. The picture was obviously taken while Soria warmed in the bullpen before entering the game. The picture is also reminiscent of Zack Greinke’s Sports Illustrated cover from his Cy Young season.

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