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Pepsi Max featuring Frank White aka "A Can Of Frank"

Pepsi Max Can featuring Royals legend Frank White also known as "A Can Of Frank"

This may take a bit to explain…

First of all I will explain the reason for my post. I have a WordPress feature that shows me traffic on my website. I often look at this to see what articles people are reading and what links are getting clicked. This feature also show incoming links, outgoing links and search terms used to find my site. The search terms are what is really interesting, you would be surprised how often a surfer searches for “Zack Greinke hair” and ends up on my site.

Today someone searched for “pepsi max commercial royals player” This really got my attention because I would like to know who that Royal is as well. During Royals games and I’m sure many other ballgames and programs there is a Pepsi Max commercial with a “Field of Dreams” theme. If you haven’t seen it allow me to explain. CC Sabathia is walking through a cornfield and comes across a clearing full of legendary baseball players. These players include but aren’t limited to: Babe Ruth, Jim Thome, Ozzie Smith, Dennis Eckersly, Ricky Henderson and Randy Johnson. A second commercial has since come out featuring Rollie Fingers and Evan Longoria.

In the commercial you get a glimpse of a Kansas City Royal in the background during one frame. It is never really clear who this Royal is. I know what you are thinking, “George Brett” but NO, you are wrong, the Royal is a black player. So lets go down the list; Willie Wilson, Frank White, Bo Jackson, John Mayberry, Danny Tartabull, Willie Aikens, Hal McRae, Jermaine Dye…ok this is getting out of hand, I’ll stop.

In my mind there are only two real options in that list; Frank White and Bo Jackson. Bo is a real possibility because of his incredible fanfare in his brief career. We all know about Frank White’s eight gold gloves too.

This commercial just happens to co-inside with a Pepsi Max promotion that you see pictured here. As Ryan Lefebvre so eloquently puts it: “A can of Frank.” This is a soda can available in the Kansas City area right now. This can is the reason I believe that the Royal in the Pepsi Max commercial is indeed Frank White.

Wow, I’m outta breath after all that. I would love to know everyone’s opinions on this and especially if someone has some solid answers.

Posted May 13, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in Random Royals, Royals Review

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