2011 Just Fair: Chad Billingsley and Victor Martinez and a well timed rain out   Leave a comment

Dodgers Chad BillingsleyTigers Victor Martinez

Chad Billingsley threw a one-hitter against the Diamondbacks last night. The only problem was that he still lost. He gave up a double to Stephen Drew and tried to pick him off and made an error. Drew scored and the Dodgers didn’t, that would have to be a horribly frustrating experience.

Victor Martinez is killing the Royals. Who is really killing the Royals is the Tigers pitching. Verlander and Penny absolutely shut the Royals down the last two games. The Royals reward? Facing 6-0 Max Scherzer, but wait, here come the clouds, here comes the rain and it is a Sunday without baseball. The Royals officially went 0-2 in Detroit and will go home.

The Royals took 2 of 3 in New York so the road trip was a successful 2-3 record. The bad part? 3 losses and just 2 runs scored in those three games. The good part? In those 3 losses, Royals pitching gave up only 9 runs. Infact they gave up 3 runs in each of their 3 losses. A major league team should be happy with that and they should win a very good amount of games like that. Bottom line is that the bats went cold and the Royals lost. Cleveland on Monday.

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