36 Greatest Royals: Willie Wilson   Leave a comment

Royals Greats Willie WilsonSo Saturday was Willie Wilson bobblehead day at Kauffman Stadium. It was the 20th bobblehead give-away(I think.) Willie is a no-brainer for a list of the greatest Royals of all-time. If I were to make a ranked list I think he would likely fall 3rd only behind George Brett and Frank White. Wilson’s bobblhead was long deserving and I am glad that it is now out there.

I really don’t think there is much to say about Wilson’s credentials to be on this list. He was a Royals outfielder for a long time, he was really fast and a really good player. He played 15 seasons in Kansas City and 19 in his career. He was a .285 career hitter that included a 1982 American League batting title at .332. He had a staggering 668 stolen bases, 2 all-star game appearances and a gold glove. He was a big part of the Royals 2 World Series appearances as well.

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