1983 Topps Eric Hosmer custom card   2 comments

1983 Topps Royals Eric Hosmer custom cardAlright, this is my favorite card from my 1983 Topps tribute Royals set. I think it is a great shot of the hot young rookie for the Royals. Hosmer had his first career walk-off hit today so I figured it was only fitting to post this card. Hopefully this win will slingshot the Royals back into playing decent baseball again. Oh yeah, don’t look now but this was a 3rd consecutive really good outing for Joakim Soria. Please don’t rush to get him back to the closers role though, make sure he is comfortable before that happens.

2 responses to “1983 Topps Eric Hosmer custom card

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  1. Sounds redundant to say…but really nice work as usual! I love the contrast in pictures that you chose. He even wears that vacant look that so many cardboard gods in the 80s seemed to possess.

  2. I picked all of my “mugshot” pics from the same site so they all match, it made the set a whole lot easier to complete. Your right about the blank look, had to be a spring training photo shoot. He has come a long way since then.

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