2011 Mustangs: Manager Matt Johnson   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Matt JohnsonMatt Johnson is the manager of the St. Joe Mustangs. I believe he was assistant manager at Northwest Missouri State University when I attended the college about four years ago. I remember him pitching for the St. Joe Blacksnakes in their short-lived time in St. Joe. He has managed the Mustangs for all three of their seasons and has a very impressive record during that time.

A quick not about the Mustangs cards: My set of St. Joe Mustangs cards is NOT FOR SALE. I have never sold them and have no plans to. I have been asked about selling them by a few people and have acknowledged that I do not have the rights to produce any Mustangs items. They are licensed the same way the Kansas City Royals are and I can not sell anything I make. I don’t even sell advertising on my website, I do it to provide information about the team and amuse myself. It would be great to see the Mustangs produce a baseball card set(they never have) I hope they do, I would definitely buy one. I would like to see how my cards would measure up against a set produced by the team.

The whole reason I started writing about the Mustangs is that I was unsatisfied with the media coverage of the team. I thought it was difficult to find the Mustangs results without watching the St. Joe news. Another reason I make the cards is because pictures are boring. I could post pictures of the Mustangs games I attend and write about them but this is much more interesting. If you have looked at my site, you know that I love baseball cards as well, the St. Joe Mustangs cards are really something that was bound to happen on this site.

So I encourage you to read my site, look at my cards, then go to a Mustangs game and buy a t-shirt. Also visit their website.

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