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2011 Mustangs: Jeff Roy   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Jeff RoyJeff Roy hit a long 2-run home run off the top of the party deck to help the Mustangs win 9-3 last night against the Joplin Outlaws. Brent Seifert (like he always does) also produced with a 2-run double to get the Mustangs on the board and he ended the game 2-4 with 3 RBI. Seifert is up to a very impressive .340 average now.

Mark Robinette continued his scoreless streak on the mound by pitching a scoreless 9th inning after playing 8 innings at third base. Robinette also made the best defensive play of the year for the Mustangs last night. He was playing in, about even with the bag, and the leadoff batter of the inning sent a rocket right down the third base line. Robinette snags it on a full headfirst dive and throws the runner out at first. Needless to say, Mark Robinette is a very impressive ball player.

2011 Mustangs: Mark Robinette   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Mark RobinetteMark Robinette has been a very good addition for the Mustangs this season. Last night he had a huge game winning pinch-hit 2-run single against Clarinda. He is batting .318 overall. He doesn’t play every day because of Brent Seifert at third base. Oh yeah, he pitches too. So far Robinette has yet to give up a run in 11 1/3 innings pitched this year and is allowing less than one base-runner per inning on the mound.

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2011 Mustangs John WegenerThe Mustangs beat non-league opponents Omaha Strike Zone handily tonight 13-7. A non-league opponent means that several of the bench players will get into the game so several players played that don’t normally see a lot of action. I actually got to watch several players I hadn’t seen before. One of these was John Wegener. It looks as if it was Wegener’s first action with the team and made a very good impression. He started the game with a triple to right center field then followed that with a double to left center later in the same inning. Wegener would end the day at 4-5 while driving in 3 runs.

The 8-run first inning set the tone for the game. Brent Seifert continued to hit well by going 2-5 with 4 RBI. Seifert blasted a long home run to straight away right field as the third batter of the game to put the home team up 3-0.  Several Mustangs had good a good day at the plate including the catcher from St. Joseph, Andrew Nellestein who was 3-5 with 2 RBI.

It will be interesting to see how the Mustangs work somebody like Wegener into the lineup. I wondered how they could get Seifert, Robinette, Koerper and Chaffin all in the lineup earlier this year but they solved that problem by giving 3rd year Mustang Brent Seifert some time at second base. I don’t know who will sit to get Wegener into the batting order but I do know that it is a good problem to have.

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2011 Mustangs Matt JohnsonMatt Johnson is the manager of the St. Joe Mustangs. I believe he was assistant manager at Northwest Missouri State University when I attended the college about four years ago. I remember him pitching for the St. Joe Blacksnakes in their short-lived time in St. Joe. He has managed the Mustangs for all three of their seasons and has a very impressive record during that time.

A quick not about the Mustangs cards: My set of St. Joe Mustangs cards is NOT FOR SALE. I have never sold them and have no plans to. I have been asked about selling them by a few people and have acknowledged that I do not have the rights to produce any Mustangs items. They are licensed the same way the Kansas City Royals are and I can not sell anything I make. I don’t even sell advertising on my website, I do it to provide information about the team and amuse myself. It would be great to see the Mustangs produce a baseball card set(they never have) I hope they do, I would definitely buy one. I would like to see how my cards would measure up against a set produced by the team.

The whole reason I started writing about the Mustangs is that I was unsatisfied with the media coverage of the team. I thought it was difficult to find the Mustangs results without watching the St. Joe news. Another reason I make the cards is because pictures are boring. I could post pictures of the Mustangs games I attend and write about them but this is much more interesting. If you have looked at my site, you know that I love baseball cards as well, the St. Joe Mustangs cards are really something that was bound to happen on this site.

So I encourage you to read my site, look at my cards, then go to a Mustangs game and buy a t-shirt. Also visit their website.