1984 Donruss: Luke Hochevar custom card   3 comments

1984 Donruss Luke Hochevar custom cardI’m going to Kauffman Stadium today to see Luke Hochevar take on the Detroit Tigers. I’m hoping I see the best of Hochevar. It is still frustrating as a Royals fan that Hochevar is so inconsistent. He show flashes of being a number 2-3 in the rotation guy but other times looks like a borderline major league ballplayer. The most frustrating for me personally is when he pitches about 5 2/3 innings and hits a wall and can’t get an out. That is the time when really knowing how to pitch pays off; when your stuff starts to fail you.

Notes on the card: I am making this 1984 Donruss Royals set and I believe I have now posted 3 cards from it. My concept is to do an entirely powder blue picture set. I think this is the first one I have posted that is a sideways card. I think this design works really well in the landscape format. The original set didn’t have any landscape cards but I wanted to add them to my set. I think they look extremely good.

3 responses to “1984 Donruss: Luke Hochevar custom card

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  1. I love your ’84 Donruss cards normally, but I love the landscape version even more! Great job

  2. As always, I appreciate the kudos. Got something comin’ up for you.

  3. Love the landscape design – maybe if you’d worked for Donruss they’d still be around.

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