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2016 Royals Spring Training: Luke Hochevar   Leave a comment

2016 Royals Spring Training: Luke Hochevar

Luke Hochevar 2015 Royals postseason highlight card.   Leave a comment

Luke Hochevar 2015 Royals postseason highlight card.

2015 Kansas City Royals Spring Training set – Luke Hochevar   Leave a comment

2015 Kansas City Royals Spring Training set - Luke Hochevar custom card

Custom Card of the Day: 1997 Score Luke Hochevar   Leave a comment

Luke Hochevar 1997 Score custom card

2012 Spring Training Royals: Luke Hochevar   Leave a comment

Royals likely opening day starting pitcher Luke Hochevar.Luke Hochevar 2012 Topps Spring Training custom card

Royals Report Card: Part 2   Leave a comment

Here is the second half of my 2011 Royals report card (aka the pitchers) If you missed Part 1 here is the link. I will reiterate that these are my options I have drawn from watching games and following the team from the outside. I have the same or less access to the team than anyone reading this.

Luke Hochevar – Grade C+

The Royals “Ace” progressed this year. He is still not pitching like a #1 guy, probably more like a 3-4 in the rotation guy. He was finally more consistent. He stayed healthy all year but the Royals still need more out of him.

Jeff Francis – Grade D+

He was coming off a major injury but the expectations were still higher than what he gave. He led the team with 16! losses and opponents hit .301 against him.

Bruce Chen – Grade B

He led the team in wins again and was a solid arm every fifth day. He isn’t going to impose the other team much on the mound but remained solid all year.

Sean O’Sullivan – Grade D-

O’Sullivan showed that he is likely a 5th starter at best. It appears he might just be another Kyle Davies; if that is possible. His 7.25 ERA was not major league worthy.

Kyle Davies – Grade F-

I know F- doesn’t exist but the Royals may have employed one of the worst pitchers of all-time. Luckily the Harim Davies days are officially over.

Vin Mazzaro – Grade F

His ERA is inflated from being thrown to the wolves in Cleveland one game but he still was inconsistent and unimpressive. You can’t shake the feeling that if he wasn’t “who we got for Dejesus” he would be gone and a non-factor.

Felipe Paulino – Grade B

His numbers weren’t great but a 4.11 ERA on this staff is actually pretty good. Considering he was a gift from the Rockies; he was great. He showed signs of being a solid starting pitcher and has a good shot at the rotation in 2012.

Danny Duffy – Grade C

Duffy’s 5.64 ERA was high for how he pitched. He had a standard rookie start but showed progression in many games. His curveball is great and when he learns how to pitch a little more he should be a front of the rotation guy.

Everett Teaford – Grade B-

Teaford had a very good rookie year. Because he is left handed he should be a Royal in the future. He pitched strong in 2/3 starts he made in September but really looks to be more a bullpen guy to me where he was very solid in 2011.

Luis Mendoza – A-

Fantastic in 2 big league starts and was AAA Omaha pitcher of the year. Short look in Kansas City but has a good shot at the rotation next year.

Nate Adcock – Grade C-

Long relief guy made a couple starts. Never impressed too much and wouldn’t have remained with the club if he wasn’t a rule 5 guy. He has a sinker good enough to get ground balls and be a Jamey Wright type of pitcher.

Joakim Soria – Grade C+

Despite horrible early season struggles he managed to put together an average year for a reliever, not great for a closer though. He ended up 27/35 saves/opportunities and with a 4.03 ERA. Those aren’t great numbers but indicate it may have been just a down season.

Aaron Crow – Grade C

Crow was the Royals All-Star in 2011. You would never know it by his second half performance. He had a great first half and was dominant. He lost a “baulk off” in Chicago and wasn’t the same pitcher after that. He should get a shot at the rotation next year but is where he belongs in my opinion.

Tim Collins – Grade C

Collins was the lefty specialist for much of the year despite not being very good against lefties. He had a 3.68 ERA and .211 batting average against but walked way, way too many. If he cuts down on the walks he could be a big part of the 2012 bullpen.

Jeremy Jeffress – Grade C-

Jeffress is a fireballer. He showed spots in KC of being dominant but ultimately walked 11 batters in 14 appearances. He will get a rotation shot next year but once again I think he is better suited to be a setup man getting groomed for a closer spot.

Jesse Chavez – Grade F

The fact that Chavez wasn’t released after 2010 angers me still. He isn’t effective and needs released.

Blake Wood – Grade B

Wood was surprisingly good in his 54 games. He was a rare guy out of the pen the Royals could count on. If the Royals got the same season out of him next year they should be happy.

Greg Holland – Grade A-

The most surprising Royals pitcher of 2011. A sub 1.00 WHIP and under 2.00 ERA over 46 games was fantastic. He has potential to be a centerpiece of the middle relief for the team next year.

Robinson Tejada – Grade F

Tejada had big expectations after showing real flashes the last couple seasons. He and Soria were the only locks for the bullpen coming into 2011 and Tejada only pitched 9 games for the team. The Royals wanted to deal him at the deadline for somebody but he diminished his value so bad nobody wanted him.

Kanekoa Teixeira – Grade C+

Just another middle relief guy the team parted with. His ERA was under 3.00 but opponents hit over .400 against him.

Louis Coleman – Grade A-

Coleman pitched great out of the bullpen all year. In 48 games he limited teams from getting a big inning and posted a sub 3.00 ERA. He showed great poise in his rookie season and should be a valued member of the bullpen in 2012.

Kelvin Herrera – Grade D+

Herrera didn’t have a fair shot to prove himself only pitching 2 innings but showed good stuff despite getting roughed up in his debut.

1984 Donruss: Luke Hochevar custom card   3 comments

1984 Donruss Luke Hochevar custom cardI’m going to Kauffman Stadium today to see Luke Hochevar take on the Detroit Tigers. I’m hoping I see the best of Hochevar. It is still frustrating as a Royals fan that Hochevar is so inconsistent. He show flashes of being a number 2-3 in the rotation guy but other times looks like a borderline major league ballplayer. The most frustrating for me personally is when he pitches about 5 2/3 innings and hits a wall and can’t get an out. That is the time when really knowing how to pitch pays off; when your stuff starts to fail you.

Notes on the card: I am making this 1984 Donruss Royals set and I believe I have now posted 3 cards from it. My concept is to do an entirely powder blue picture set. I think this is the first one I have posted that is a sideways card. I think this design works really well in the landscape format. The original set didn’t have any landscape cards but I wanted to add them to my set. I think they look extremely good.

Bringing back 1983 Topps; the Royals edition, Matt Treanor & Luke Hochevar   Leave a comment

1983 Topps Royals Matt Treanor custom card1983 Topps Royals Luke Hochevar custom cardI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, now, 1983 is a really good looking set. With the inset mugshots they are difficult to re-create but they are well worth it. They just look so good when they are all put together. I posted a “History of Joakim Soria” version of 1983 Topps and promised more would be coming. Until now there hadn’t been any. After Alcides Escobar’s and Billy Butler’s heroics yesterday I decided it was time.

I chose Matt Treanor and Luke Hochevar to start the posting of the set pretty much randomly. I think Treanor’s card is my second favorite from the set. I completed the whole set all in one sitting last night. I made all 30 players to appear in a Kansas City Royals uniform so far in 2011. I couldn’t complete #31 Felipe Paulino because of a lack of pictures but was able to do everybody else. I am going to start posting these often to get the set out there. I really like them and will be posting a couple times a day with them probably. Look out for Eric Hosmer’s card it is absolutely badass, it is the best of the set. I’ll probably post cards according to who performs well during the game to make it interesting. If Hosmer knocks one out, look for his card to be up within about 15 minutes.