History of Joakim Soira: 1955 Topps   1 comment

History Of Joakim Soria 1955 Topps custom card1955 Topps is an interesting set. The cards are all sideways, one of very few sets ever to do that. The card also features two pictures and a signature. The one picture is typically a close up and the second is a full body shot. Most of the full body pictures were the typical baseball card poses, a pitcher having just thrown, a batter in his backswing, etc. They are all poses of some sort. The solid color background is a gradient and were usually red, green or yellow. The pictures on the card were usually painted looking. I don’t think I achieved the “painted” look and I think that is the most difficult part of re-creating these early cards.

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  1. Pretty good job – one of my all time favorite set designs. Probably the last set I ever bought several packs of was the 2004 Topps Heritage for this reason, and it was also one of my favorites for autographs.

    The only reasons I haven’t done a ’55 design yet is because of (a) the painted look you allude to, which I haven’t been able to reproduce properly, and (b) I did the ’60 design recently, which, quenched my thirst for sideways old-style cards for a while.

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