Custom Card of the Day: Michael Young 1980 Topps   Leave a comment

Michael Young 1980 ToppsMichael Young once again is closing in on 200 hits. He hasn’t reached that milestone since 2007, his fifth straight year at the time. In spring training this year the Rangers were trying to trade Young because they really didn’t have a spot for him. Come opening day he was in the lineup and the Rangers should be endlessly glad he was.

He has had what may be the best year of his already impressive career. He is currently just one RBI short of his career high and is tied for his career high in average at .331. His .331 is currently a couple points behind Adrian Gonzalez for the American League lead. He is an essential part of the team going to the playoffs. He has played three different positions on the team as well. He has been a DH about half the time this year and spent about the rest of his time at first, second and third base.

He is a cornerstone of the Rangers franchise and hopefully he can lead his team to a World Series title in 2011.

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