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Just Fair 2011: David Freese Custom Card   Leave a comment

Cardinals David Freese Just Fair 2011 custom card Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals. They defied all odds and won the World Series despite not having probably even a top 5 team in the major leagues in my opinion. They got hot and caught all the breaks for a while and did something amazing. David Freese was amazing and took the MVP award. I just hope all the praise for Albert Pujols and his performance takes into consideration that he had hits in just 2 of 7 World Series games. He doesn’t even deserve a mention as World Series MVP. You know who does? The Game 6 rain out. Without it the Cardinals DO NOT win the World Series.

Its game 7! of the World Series! …and the winner is…   Leave a comment

Matt Harrison 1976 Topps custom cardSo its game 7 and as much as I want the Texas Rangers to win it just doesn’t look likely. The Cardinals have all the momentum they could want. The Cardinals will send Chris Carpenter to the mound against the Rangers Matt Harrison, advantage Cardinals. The Cardinals won a big extra inning affair last night on a historic walk off home run and oh yeah, they are at home. Things don’t look good for the Texas Rangers right now. The Rangers could win with their lineup on any given day but the odds are really stacked against them.

World Series Pick: Rangers in 6; Ian Kinsler MVP; 2006 Topps   Leave a comment

Ian Kinsler 2006 Topps Custom CardI believe that the wheels have got to fall off for the St. Louis Cardinals. An amazing amount of momentum has carried them to the World Series but they will face a better team that is now experienced. The Cardinals pitching has been fantastic, I don’t believe it will hold up against the bats of the Texas Rangers.

The Texas Rangers lost the World Series in 2010 to the San Francisco Giants because their goal was to make it to the World Series, not to win it. They already achieved their goal in 2010. 2011 is different, the goal is to win the World Series and I believe they will.This is why I’m taking the Rangers in 6.

I am taking Ian Kinsler as my World Series MVP pick as well. Kinsler is a gritty player with power and the ability to drive in runs and score runs. He will bat in the leadoff spot but I think this will only lead to Kinsler and number 2 hitter Elvis Andrus to get great pitches to hit. With Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Adrian Beltre, Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli up after them; they will get pitches to hit. Andrus will get pitches as well but has far less power and has a good chance of being asked to bunt and move runners over. This will make Kinsler vital to the Rangers World Series win.

Custom Card of the Day: 1980 Topps Nelson Cruz   Leave a comment

Nelson Cruz 1980 Topps custom cardA walk-off grand slam in the ALCS is worth of a custom card.

Custom Card of the Day: Michael Young 1980 Topps   Leave a comment

Michael Young 1980 ToppsMichael Young once again is closing in on 200 hits. He hasn’t reached that milestone since 2007, his fifth straight year at the time. In spring training this year the Rangers were trying to trade Young because they really didn’t have a spot for him. Come opening day he was in the lineup and the Rangers should be endlessly glad he was.

He has had what may be the best year of his already impressive career. He is currently just one RBI short of his career high and is tied for his career high in average at .331. His .331 is currently a couple points behind Adrian Gonzalez for the American League lead. He is an essential part of the team going to the playoffs. He has played three different positions on the team as well. He has been a DH about half the time this year and spent about the rest of his time at first, second and third base.

He is a cornerstone of the Rangers franchise and hopefully he can lead his team to a World Series title in 2011.

Matt Treanor sold back to the Rangers   Leave a comment

Matt Treanor 1984 Donruss custom cardThe Royals basically bought Matt Treanor from the Texas Rangers a couple days before the season began in 2011. Or so we thought; it turns out they just rented him. They sold him back today, both deals between the Royals and Rangers for Treanor this year were for cash. Either way Treanor was good for the Royals this year and it appears that Salvador Perez is here to stay now so there is now longer room for Treanor with the Royals.

The shame of this is that Treanor’s last play as a Royal was getting hammered in a collision at home plate in Cleveland. He was knocked out cold and put on the 7-day disabled list. He played in the Royals minor-league system but never made it back to Kansas City.

Custom Card of the Day: 1985 Topps Josh Hamilton, Just Fair Josh Hamilton   7 comments

Josh Hamilton 1985 Topps Football custom cardRangers Josh Hamilton 2011 Just Fair custom card

Josh Hamilton is back! This guy really changes the way the Rangers lineup looks. I saw the Ranger play in Kansas City a couple weeks ago and both Hamilton and Cruz were hurt and their lineup was not near as scary. Both are back now and Hamilton will try to drive toward another MVP season. He has won one MVP even after being injured a month, why not do it again? He can flat out hit, he is at .339 in a small sampling of games but who know what he can do playing at the Ballpark at Arlington.

I wanted to do something different today so I went with a custom card of Hamilton and one of my Just Fair cards of Hamilton. Ironically both have black borders, not planned I promise. The custom card is not only an old design, it is a football design. This was 1985 Topps’ version of a football set. I posted a bunch of Kansas City Chiefs from this set a while back. I think it is interesting seeing the Rangers in both their blued and red uniforms side by side, they look like completely different teams.