Custom Card of the Day: Vote Eric Hosmer Rookie of the Year   2 comments

Eric Hosmer Vote Rookie of the Year Normally I don’t do this; My stuff usually looks nothing like this but I wanted to make an “icon” for Hosmer’s campaign for Rookie of the Year. I wanted to have an off-kilter americana looking poster. This is really my first “art card.” Goose Joak has been doing great stuff like this for a while over at his site. The way Eric Hosmer has played in the last month I think he has a real shot at the Jackie Robinson award. Before that I really didn’t think he was worthy. I had him at about 5th in the AL ROY voting but now he is looking like a serious candidate.

2 responses to “Custom Card of the Day: Vote Eric Hosmer Rookie of the Year

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  1. Looks really good! Kinda like the “Propaganda” inserts in 2009 Topps UH.,=2009+Topps+Update+Propaganda

  2. Yeah, you’re right. I had forgotten about those, I think I pulled the Pujols. That is definitely the look I was trying to get with it too. Thanks.

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