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Cheslor Cuthbert 2016 Spring Training Kansas City Royals custom card   Leave a comment

Cheslor Cuthbert 2016 Spring Training Kansas City Royals custom card

Custom Card of the Day: Vote Eric Hosmer Rookie of the Year   2 comments

Eric Hosmer Vote Rookie of the Year Normally I don’t do this; My stuff usually looks nothing like this but I wanted to make an “icon” for Hosmer’s campaign for Rookie of the Year. I wanted to have an off-kilter americana looking poster. This is really my first “art card.” Goose Joak has been doing great stuff like this for a while over at his site. The way Eric Hosmer has played in the last month I think he has a real shot at the Jackie Robinson award. Before that I really didn’t think he was worthy. I had him at about 5th in the AL ROY voting but now he is looking like a serious candidate.

Custom Card of the Day: 1971 Topps Dustin Ackley / Michael Pineda Rookie Stars   Leave a comment

Dustin Ackley Michael Pineda 1971 Topps Rookie StarsI did another 1971 Topps rookie stars card of a couple of the Royals guys here. This card is for the Mariners fans who are having a tough year. These two guys have been bright spots. Michael Pineda might even be the Rookie of the Year in the American League. It is tough this year but Pineda was dominant for much of the year.

Custom Card of the Day: Eric Hosmer 1992 Fleer Ultra Gold Glove   Leave a comment

Eric Hosmer 1992 Fleer Ultra Gold GloveI’ve already said that it would be a crime if Alcides Escobar doesn’t win the American League Gold Glove award. This card is a little more of a leap than Escobar’s was. Eric Hosmer is excellent defensively. He is good enough to at least be on the short list of Gold Glove candidates at first base. He is increasingly smooth for his age. It is very nice to have a solid defensive first baseman even if it means that Billy Butler is strictly a DH now. Eric Hosmer should also get some consideration for AL Rookie of the Year too. He and Royals reliever Aaron Crow are both having seasons worthy of being candidates.