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36 Greatest Royals: Willie Wilson   Leave a comment

Royals Greats Willie WilsonSo Saturday was Willie Wilson bobblehead day at Kauffman Stadium. It was the 20th bobblehead give-away(I think.) Willie is a no-brainer for a list of the greatest Royals of all-time. If I were to make a ranked list I think he would likely fall 3rd only behind George Brett and Frank White. Wilson’s bobblhead was long deserving and I am glad that it is now out there.

I really don’t think there is much to say about Wilson’s credentials to be on this list. He was a Royals outfielder for a long time, he was really fast and a really good player. He played 15 seasons in Kansas City and 19 in his career. He was a .285 career hitter that included a 1982 American League batting title at .332. He had a staggering 668 stolen bases, 2 all-star game appearances and a gold glove. He was a big part of the Royals 2 World Series appearances as well.

36 Greatest Royals: Dennis Leonard   Leave a comment

Royals Greats Dennis Leonard custom cardDennis Leonard was an absolute beast. He won 20 games 3 times in his 13 years pitching, all of which were in a Royals uniform. Those 3 20 win season came in a span of four years as well. He won 20 in 1977, 21 in 1978 and 20 in 1980. He averaged just under 19 wins per season over that span.

In what was likely his best season, 1977, he threw an astounding 21 complete games, one more than his amount of wins. He would register 9 or more complete games for 6 straight seasons. 9 is now a more common number for a team to throw complete games than an individual.

One more thing, look at those sideburns! Dennis Leonard is possibly the greatest Royals pitcher of all-time. The Late Paul Splittorff would give him a strong run for his money though.

36 Greatest Royals: David Dejesus   2 comments

Royals Greats David DejesusHere is another of my greatest Royals series. This one is not as obvious as the first two. Paul Splittorff and Cookie Rojas were extremely likely to be on the list of the top 36 Royals of all-time but David Dejesus may raise some eyebrows.

For the Royals Dejesus was one of the most consistent players in an era where the Royals were a terrible team. He was never a big power hitter, he was never in the chase for the batting title, he was just a model of consistency.His numbers aren’t striking for his career, he usually didn’t crack double digit home runs and ended with 50-70 runs driven in and even though he spent a lot of time at the leadoff position, didn’t steal many bases either. He was always one of the best players on the team though.

He played in Kansas City for 8 season before being traded to the Oakland Athletics and I believe he will once again be a Royal. I think that there was so much mutual respect between Dejesus and the Royals that he will return to the team to be a forth outfielder in a few years. The Royals will be contending and Dejesus will be on the decline so the front office will bring back the fan favorite.

36 Greatest Royals: Cookie Rojas   Leave a comment

Royals Greats Cookie RojasCookie Rojas wasn’t an original Royals but he joined them in their second season in 1970. He was a big part of those early teams too. He would go to four All-Star games as a Royals second baseman in the early 1970’s.  He spent several years with the Phillies before going to Kansas City but played the best years of his career for the Royals. He would play second base right up until Frank White would take the position from him.

36 Greatest Royals: Paul Splittorff   2 comments

Royals Greats Paul Splittorff custom cardIt seems like a very appropriate day to pay tribute to Paul Splittorff. News of his current health is not good. He was a great pitcher for many years with the Royals and continued to be active in the Royals organization. I always really enjoyed Splitt as a commentator, he was very insightful but it looks like his broadcasting days are officially behind him now.

This is the first “Royals Greats” tribute card I have posted. This is actually my very favorite from the whole set too. It is an original design that I wanted to be very flat and simple. I wanted to come up with something that had a 1970’s-1980’s feel to it. I did 36 cards of the 36 greatest Royals in my opinion. I will start posting them occasionally.

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