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Custom Card of the Day: 1985 Topps Josh Hamilton, Just Fair Josh Hamilton   7 comments

Josh Hamilton 1985 Topps Football custom cardRangers Josh Hamilton 2011 Just Fair custom card

Josh Hamilton is back! This guy really changes the way the Rangers lineup looks. I saw the Ranger play in Kansas City a couple weeks ago and both Hamilton and Cruz were hurt and their lineup was not near as scary. Both are back now and Hamilton will try to drive toward another MVP season. He has won one MVP even after being injured a month, why not do it again? He can flat out hit, he is at .339 in a small sampling of games but who know what he can do playing at the Ballpark at Arlington.

I wanted to do something different today so I went with a custom card of Hamilton and one of my Just Fair cards of Hamilton. Ironically both have black borders, not planned I promise. The custom card is not only an old design, it is a football design. This was 1985 Topps’ version of a football set. I posted a bunch of Kansas City Chiefs from this set a while back. I think it is interesting seeing the Rangers in both their blued and red uniforms side by side, they look like completely different teams.


2011 Just Fair: Buster Posey, Wilson Valdez and Ricky Romero   Leave a comment

Blue Jays Ricky Romero

Giants Buster Posey custom cardPhillies Wilson Valdez

A lot of Royals stuff lately so it is time for a couple Just Fair cards to make an appearance. Here are a couple guys whose names have popped up in the sports section this week. Buster Posey got hurt in a home plate collision and may be done for the year. I chose to display him in a picture other than the collision. Wilson Valdez was the first position player to get a pitching win in a game in something like 20 years. I also chose him to not be pitching, maybe decisions like this will lead to this set having a little more of a timeless quality, probably not. One interesting thing is that this set has 2 Philadelphia Phillies second basemen in it and neither one of them is named Chase Utley. Ricky Romero is include by chance. Blue Jays get no love, they are in last but are just a couple games under .500.

2011 Just Fair: Mark Ellis, Tyler Chatwood and Juan Miranda   Leave a comment

Diamondbacks Juan Miranda

Athletics Mark EllisAngels Tyler Chatwood

2011 Just Fair: Ian Kennedy, Brian McCann and Wandy Rodriguez   Leave a comment

Astros Wandy Rodriguez

Diamondbacks Ian KennedyBraves Brian McCannA few quick notes on this post and the post immediately below it: Brian McCann hit a walkoff home run in the 11th inning tonight so he gets the Just Fair treatment. Ian Kennedy and Wandy Rodriguez are both players from teams that amazingly didn’t make the first 75 cards of the set. The Carlos Pena picture is amazing, maybe one of the best in the set. John Danks is a funky picture that caught my eye as an interesting one so he made the set. Adrian Beltre makes the set and is proving me wrong, I predicted he would be one of the worst free agent signings of all-time but he is producing. I will re-visit this in September and see where the situation stands.

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2011 Just Fair: Carlos Peña, John Danks and Adrian Beltre   Leave a comment

Rangers Adrian Beltre

Cubs Carlos PenaWhite Sox John Danks

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2011 Just Fair: Chad Billingsley and Victor Martinez and a well timed rain out   Leave a comment

Dodgers Chad BillingsleyTigers Victor Martinez

Chad Billingsley threw a one-hitter against the Diamondbacks last night. The only problem was that he still lost. He gave up a double to Stephen Drew and tried to pick him off and made an error. Drew scored and the Dodgers didn’t, that would have to be a horribly frustrating experience.

Victor Martinez is killing the Royals. Who is really killing the Royals is the Tigers pitching. Verlander and Penny absolutely shut the Royals down the last two games. The Royals reward? Facing 6-0 Max Scherzer, but wait, here come the clouds, here comes the rain and it is a Sunday without baseball. The Royals officially went 0-2 in Detroit and will go home.

The Royals took 2 of 3 in New York so the road trip was a successful 2-3 record. The bad part? 3 losses and just 2 runs scored in those three games. The good part? In those 3 losses, Royals pitching gave up only 9 runs. Infact they gave up 3 runs in each of their 3 losses. A major league team should be happy with that and they should win a very good amount of games like that. Bottom line is that the bats went cold and the Royals lost. Cleveland on Monday.

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2011 Just Fair: Re-thinking the Royals; Francoeur, Hochevar and Hosmer   Leave a comment

So one of the very first cards for my “Just Fair” set was a Royals card, naturally, and I have decided to change something. For each team the color bar that is the background for the player’s name, team and position is a little bit different. For the Royals I chose a light blue and a dark blue. I have decided to go away from this color scheme. It just doesn’t quite do it for me. I changed it a little and instead of just hoping nobody would notice I am re-posting the three Royals cards from the set so far with the new color scheme.(Francoeur, Hochevar, Hosmer)

Oh, and while I am at it; let’s change the Eric Hosmer picture as well. Eric Hosmer is a major league player now and he deserves a major league picture. The spring training picture just doesn’t cut it for me. I posted it right after I heard he had been summoned to KC and that pic was all I had. I think this picture is more appropriate. Let’s just call that first Hosmer a short print for the set.

Royals Eric Hosmer 2011 Just Fair custom card

Royals Jeff Francoeur 2011 Just Fair custom cardRoyals Luke Hochevar 2011 Just Fair custom card

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