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Custom Card of the Day: Mike Moustakas 1979 Topps   Leave a comment

Mike Moustakas is having the year the Royals were hoping for, the only problem is several of his teammates aren’t. Here is a 1979 Topps custom card of Moustakas.

Why 1979 Topps? Well I got some love from a 1979 Topps blog. Larry over at selected my little custom card blog as his Royals blog for posting a nice Steve Mingori card. He gives a nice review of the card and some extensive background. Go over to his site and check it out.


Mike Moustakas 1979 Topps custom card

The Chiefs return to 2009 form! Glenn Dorsey   Leave a comment

Glenn Dorsey 1979 Topps custom cardThe Chiefs put up a mighty 25-0 performance against the Buccaneers tonight. Only problem? They put up the 0 not the 25. Its only preseason but c’mon man, get on the board. Personally I would rather be beaten over the head with a plastic bat than watch preseason football; and I’m a huge football fan too. Preseason just sucks. Here is a Glenn Dorsey card.