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Custom Card of the Day: 1985 Topps Brandon Albert custom card   Leave a comment

In honor of Jeff Rock’s newest follower on twitter, her is a Brandon Albert custom card. Follow him, it’ll make him feel good.1985 Topps Brandon Albert custom card.

Custom Card of the Day: Joe Montana 1972 Sunco Stamps   Leave a comment

Here is a weird one: Joe Montana 1972 Sunco Stamps custom card. The format of the card is modified to fit a regular card size.
Joe Montana 1972 Sunco Stamps Custom Card

Custom Card of the Day: 1978 Topps Matt Cassel   Leave a comment

Matt Cassel 1978 Topps custom card

It’s a lonely, lonely place at AHairOffSquare with no baseball. I thought football could get me through the winter but I’m just not feeling it. Spring Training is coming soon! Here is a football card I made last year. I love the card design, so simple but classy looking. The colors on the picture really make the card pop too. I like this 1978 Topps football card a lot.

The Chiefs return to 2009 form! Glenn Dorsey   Leave a comment

Glenn Dorsey 1979 Topps custom cardThe Chiefs put up a mighty 25-0 performance against the Buccaneers tonight. Only problem? They put up the 0 not the 25. Its only preseason but c’mon man, get on the board. Personally I would rather be beaten over the head with a plastic bat than watch preseason football; and I’m a huge football fan too. Preseason just sucks. Here is a Glenn Dorsey card.