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Custom card of the day: 1993 Donruss Jeremy Guthrie   Leave a comment

I wanted to post a card of Jeremy Guthrie before his start tomorrow. He pitched awesome last time out but with an ERA still over 6.00 it isn’t likely to happen again tomorrow so I wanted to get the card up still in the wake of his great start.


Jeremy Guthrie 1993 Donruss custom card

Custom Card of the Day: Alex Gordon 1993 Donruss   2 comments

Alex Gordon 1993 Donruss custom cardThis is a card I made a while ago. I made it the same time I created the  “missing link” George Brett card from the same set. This card was made simply because I thought the picture was great.

Quick thoughts on the Royals; They won today breaking a tough couple game losing streak where Soria was horrible. Billy Butler continues to hammer the ball and not get enough credit. Chris Getz gave a glimpse of what the Royals hope he can be, great defensively and use his speed at the plate. Alex Gordon looks to be growing into a comfort zone in the leadoff spot. I think Gordon in the leadoff spot could be really interesting for the rest of this season.