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Custom Card of the Day: 1980 Topps Lorenzo Cain   Leave a comment

Lorenzo Cain 1980 Topps custom card

Custom Card of the Day: 1978 Topps Football Alcides Escobar   Leave a comment

1978 Topps Football Alcides Escobar custom card

Custom Card of the Day: 1978 Topps Football Eric Hosmer   2 comments


Eric Hosmer 1978 Topps Football custom cardI like the Matt Cassel 1978 Topps football card I did so I wanted to make it into a baseball card. I like the way it turned out and I think I may do a few more of them later. I think it could actually make a really nice whole set.

Happy 100th Birthday Buck O’Neil #Buck100   Leave a comment

Buck O’Neil would have been 100 years old today…Buck O'Neil 1965 Topps custom card

Custom Card of the Day: Aaron Crow 1984 Donruss   Leave a comment

Aaron Crow 1984 Donruss Custom CardI found this card when I was digging through my stuff today. I forgot I made a lot of these 1984 Donruss cards that were really nice. I wish this picture was cropped out just a little bit more so Crow’s hand didn’t hit the swoosh in the design though. This design would make almost any picture look nice though. One of the greatest sets of all time.

Custom Card of the Day: 1992 Fleer Jim Thome   2 comments

Jim Thome 1992 Fleer custom cardA triumphant return! Jim Thome is once again an Indian. He left the team about 10 years ago and now he is back for what is likely to be his last month as a major league player ever. It would be great if Thome could somehow lead the team into the playoffs but it is highly unlikely. The Detroit Tigers are simply a better team.

Minnesota got to benefit from Thome’s 600th home run this year then they gave him to Cleveland where the Indians will benefit from the last games of his career. This is a great way to end Thome’s career.

Custom Card of the Day: 1984 Donruss Paul Konerko   1 comment

Paul Konerko 1984 Donruss custom card Paul-Star versionHere is a special card for csd, A Paul Konerko 1984 Donruss. It is the landscape version, as an added bonus it features the fans spelling “Paul-Star” in the background. I really wanted Alex Gordon to win that vote but even I will admit Konerko deserved it more. He has better stats and I feel like the Chicago fans did a great job in promoting him for it. Alex Gordon gets major points for his defense as well but Paul Konerko flat out deserved to be in the All-Star game.