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History of Joakim Soria: 2002 Topps   Leave a comment

History Of Joakim Soria 2002 Topps custom cardSo this is 2002 Topps. I just posted 2000 Topps yesterday and commented about the forgettable designs from this era. This card is really no exception. Once again it isn’t a bad design. I really like the banners, something about them seems to scream “national pasttime.” The word “Topps” appears twice on the face of the card just like the 2000 set; which is annoying and unnecessary. The gold border is overkill, not as bad as 1999 Topps but still a little much.

The picture border has an inner glow of black on it. This is similar to the 2003 set that was blue and had the inset picture. This is a pain when re-creating the cards but I will admit that it does add depth to the picture which is nice. Too many cards look flat. What makes this card badass is the picture of Joakim that I found for the set. I don’t know where I got it but it is a sweet picture. So often a picture can make or break a card. This one makes the card look much better.

History of Joakim Soria: 2002 Topps   1 comment

History Of Joakim Soria 2002 Topps custom cardThis was a tough one to re-create. It has an inset picture like 83-84 Topps, a very thin pinstripe around the baseball field shaped picture and name block, a two tone Topps logo, a rounded corner and a white glow around the edge of the picture. All this adds up to a difficult card to create. I cropped a picture that would have fit better on a sideways card to fit a portrait card. I think this makes the card really nice. You don’t see many cards cropped like this but I feel it really works. I think I will pull this template out and do a few cards with it because it looks so nice.