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Its game 7! of the World Series! …and the winner is…   Leave a comment

Matt Harrison 1976 Topps custom cardSo its game 7 and as much as I want the Texas Rangers to win it just doesn’t look likely. The Cardinals have all the momentum they could want. The Cardinals will send Chris Carpenter to the mound against the Rangers Matt Harrison, advantage Cardinals. The Cardinals won a big extra inning affair last night on a historic walk off home run and oh yeah, they are at home. Things don’t look good for the Texas Rangers right now. The Rangers could win with their lineup on any given day but the odds are really stacked against them.

Custom Card of the Day: Chris Carpenter 1976 Topps   3 comments

Chris Carpenter 1976 Topps custom cardI don’t really like the Cardinals being a Royals fan. I would have to hate baseball to have not enjoyed the game Chris Carpenter pitched to knock the Phillies out of the playoffs though. It was an ALL-TIME great baseball performance. I actually wanted the Phillies to move on but when one performance is so good, like this one, it is hard not to be happy about it.

I found this tasty picture of Carpenter and had to use it here. I really like pictures from this perspective a lot. It is just not an angle you see a ton for some reason. The 1976 Topps design is a very nice one and it makes this card look super sharp. The lime green was actually the color Topps used for the St. Louis Cardinals that year. I kept it the same to retain the “vintage” look. Really Topps? Lime Green?