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2011 Mustangs: Jeff Roy   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Jeff RoyJeff Roy hit a long 2-run home run off the top of the party deck to help the Mustangs win 9-3 last night against the Joplin Outlaws. Brent Seifert (like he always does) also produced with a 2-run double to get the Mustangs on the board and he ended the game 2-4 with 3 RBI. Seifert is up to a very impressive .340 average now.

Mark Robinette continued his scoreless streak on the mound by pitching a scoreless 9th inning after playing 8 innings at third base. Robinette also made the best defensive play of the year for the Mustangs last night. He was playing in, about even with the bag, and the leadoff batter of the inning sent a rocket right down the third base line. Robinette snags it on a full headfirst dive and throws the runner out at first. Needless to say, Mark Robinette is a very impressive ball player.