Custom Card of the Day: 1993 Triple Play Matt Joyce   Leave a comment

Matt Joyce 1993 Triple Play custom cardSo Goose Joak mentioned this set on one of my posts a few days ago so I decided to bring the design back for a custom card of the day. I decided to chose the second trending player on Yahoo’s MLB site to be the subject of the card. It was Matt Joyce of the Tampa Bay Rays. Matt Joyce was leading the league in hitting coming into Wednesday. Did you know that? I didn’t. Joyce is having a great year for the Rays and has been a big reason they are only a couple games out of first place in the toughest division in baseball.

I remember this card set, 1993 Triple Play being a big hit with me. Triple Play was a cheap alternative when cards were still cheap to buy. It was a nice looking set and it came out right around the time I started to get serious about collecting baseball cards. It is another black border which is starting to become a trend on my site, oh well, you like what you like I guess. I don’t think I had even thought about this set before Dave from Goose Joak mentioned it to me the other day. I’m glad he did, some cards seem to act as a time machine of sorts, this one did it for me.

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