Custom Card of the Day: Alcides Escobar 1992 Fleer Ultra Gold Glove   Leave a comment

Alcides Escobar 1992 Ultra Gold GloveIf you are a Royals fan you have probably heard somebody complain about Alcides Escobar’s .212 average. They are legitimate, .212 is not a good average. If you have watched many Royals games this year however, you know that Escobar’s defense makes him well worth the outs at the plate.

Specifically if you watched today’s game. For future reference “today” is the day Billy Butler hit a walk-off 2-run home run. In the top of the 8th inning Escobar made an absolutely amazing play. He has made several great plays this year but this play came with 2 outs and the bases loaded in a 0-0 game. That is being clutch with the glove. Escobar stopped a grounder through the hole off the bat of Alberto Callaspo and launched a throw that first baseman Eric Hosmer picked out of the dirt.

Now the subject at hand, Alcides Escobar deserves a gold glove this year. period. His .212 average might be held against him though. If this happens it would be a crime. The gold glove award was made for guys like Escobar. We all remember Rafael Palmeiro winning the gold glove while only playing 28 games at first base all year. He did hit 47 home runs with 148 RBI’s and that is likely why he won the gold glove. What a sham!

Alcides Escobar needs to win this award, he deserves it. If you are complaining about a .212 hitter you have no idea what it was like having Yuniesky Betancourt playing defense every game. If Escobar hits .212 and plays in 155 games and continues to play defense as he has done thus far, it is a well worth him being in the starting lineup.

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