Bringing back 1983 Topps; the Royals edition, Matt Treanor & Luke Hochevar   Leave a comment

1983 Topps Royals Matt Treanor custom card1983 Topps Royals Luke Hochevar custom cardI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, now, 1983 is a really good looking set. With the inset mugshots they are difficult to re-create but they are well worth it. They just look so good when they are all put together. I posted a “History of Joakim Soria” version of 1983 Topps and promised more would be coming. Until now there hadn’t been any. After Alcides Escobar’s and Billy Butler’s heroics yesterday I decided it was time.

I chose Matt Treanor and Luke Hochevar to start the posting of the set pretty much randomly. I think Treanor’s card is my second favorite from the set. I completed the whole set all in one sitting last night. I made all 30 players to appear in a Kansas City Royals uniform so far in 2011. I couldn’t complete #31 Felipe Paulino because of a lack of pictures but was able to do everybody else. I am going to start posting these often to get the set out there. I really like them and will be posting a couple times a day with them probably. Look out for Eric Hosmer’s card it is absolutely badass, it is the best of the set. I’ll probably post cards according to who performs well during the game to make it interesting. If Hosmer knocks one out, look for his card to be up within about 15 minutes.

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