Custom Card of the Day: Jim Thome 1982 Topps   3 comments

Jim Thome 1982 Topps custom cardGoing to see big Jim tonight against the Royals, I have never seen Thome hit a homer in person so I’m hoping to see a big fly.

Posted September 3, 2011 by VocalsOnTop in Custom Card of the Day

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3 responses to “Custom Card of the Day: Jim Thome 1982 Topps

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  1. Great card as usual. I have seen him hit a couple over 450 in person when he was with the Sox. The man can just flat out hit the ball.

  2. Cool card, I’d probably stretch his name a bit more

    • I never noticed it but you’re right. All the 1982 Topps had the name stretched and I just kept it the same length. Those are the kinds of things you only notice when you start making cards of your own.

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