Custom Card of the Day: Justin Verlander 1982 Topps   1 comment

Justin Verlander 1982 Topps custom cardJustin Verlander 1982 Topps Variant custom cardAs a Royals fan it really hurts to say this; but I really like Justin Verlander. The guy is flat out dominant. He just posted his 21st win and could end up with about 24 before seasons end. He is a strikeout machine and pitches deep into games consistently. He throws right at 100 MPH fastball in the 1st inning and he throws 100 MPH fastballs in the 9th inning too. He has spectacular stamina and is on his way to a Cy Young Award this year.

I like doing 1982 Topps cards because it gives me a chance to ad players signatures to the cards. I usually find a nice clean signature and trace it onto the card in Illustrator. It isn’t the easiest task usually but I have been thoroughly thrilled with the results each time. The only thing I don’t like about these cards is the color scheme. I complained about 1983 Topps not matching team colors too but it just seems obvious to make a card with the colors of the team portrayed. That is why I made this variant with my color choices too.

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  1. Very nice, clean looking card, and kudos on the color scheme selection

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