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Custom Card of the Day: Jim Thome 1982 Topps   3 comments

Jim Thome 1982 Topps custom cardGoing to see big Jim tonight against the Royals, I have never seen Thome hit a homer in person so I’m hoping to see a big fly.

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Custom Card of the Day: 1992 Fleer Jim Thome   2 comments

Jim Thome 1992 Fleer custom cardA triumphant return! Jim Thome is once again an Indian. He left the team about 10 years ago and now he is back for what is likely to be his last month as a major league player ever. It would be great if Thome could somehow lead the team into the playoffs but it is highly unlikely. The Detroit Tigers are simply a better team.

Minnesota got to benefit from Thome’s 600th home run this year then they gave him to Cleveland where the Indians will benefit from the last games of his career. This is a great way to end Thome’s career.

Custom Card of the Day: 1980 Topps Jim Thome   Leave a comment

Jim Thome 1980 Topps custom cardJim Thome is going to hit his 600th home run any day now. The guy epitimizeses what a power hitter should be, it is all or nothing with him. He hits balls a mile, he sends the crowd into a frenzy. He is limping to this feat as he should be. Barry Bonds didn’t limp to 600 but he had a little “help.”

The feat is going largely unrecognized to this point. I wish he would get a little more publicity for this. I made this 1980 Topps card of him to drub up some publicity. My favorite part of the card is actually the signature. I traced it from an autographed baseball for the card and couldn’t be happier with the result. I hate the colors of this card though, just plain ugly. Oh well, it was 1980 I guess.

Custom Card of the Day: 1983 Topps Adam Dunn   7 comments

Adam Dunn 1983 Topps custom cardAdam Dunn 1983 Topps modified custom card

1983 Topps is a great design. The card on the left represents the actual colors for the Chicago White Sox cards of that year.  I think it looks pretty bad. I know they were trying to create more color on the cards but it made it look ugly. So on the right is the card I picked the colors for. I think it is better, it may be bland but it at least matches the White Sox colors a little bit.

Adam Dunn in a way replaced my favorite active player. This season the Chicago White Sox signed Dunn as a free agent this off-season to pretty much fill a designated hitter roll. This role was vacated by Jim Thome before last season. Ozzie Guillen made a bad decision last year by thinking he could use several players in that role. I don’t think it worked well and the White Sox signed Dunn for this year. Thome is now a Minnesota Twin and is similar to the type of player Dunn is. Adam Dunn has yet to create the impact that Thome did for that team. I think Dunn will get hot sometime this year, likely when he plays the Royals a lot.

This is a White Sox card and you should visit CSD’s custom cards if you like the White Sox cards. There is also a lot of draft cards going up over there right now so be sure to go check out CSD’s.