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Custom Card of the Day: 1980 Topps Nelson Cruz   Leave a comment

Nelson Cruz 1980 Topps custom cardA walk-off grand slam in the ALCS is worth of a custom card.

Custom Card of the Day: Chris Carpenter 1976 Topps   3 comments

Chris Carpenter 1976 Topps custom cardI don’t really like the Cardinals being a Royals fan. I would have to hate baseball to have not enjoyed the game Chris Carpenter pitched to knock the Phillies out of the playoffs though. It was an ALL-TIME great baseball performance. I actually wanted the Phillies to move on but when one performance is so good, like this one, it is hard not to be happy about it.

I found this tasty picture of Carpenter and had to use it here. I really like pictures from this perspective a lot. It is just not an angle you see a ton for some reason. The 1976 Topps design is a very nice one and it makes this card look super sharp. The lime green was actually the color Topps used for the St. Louis Cardinals that year. I kept it the same to retain the “vintage” look. Really Topps? Lime Green?

History of Joakim Soria: 1978 Topps   Leave a comment

History Of Joakim Soria 1978 custom cardAs the baseball season clock runs out there is sure to be fewer and fewer posts on this site but I plan to try to keep it rolling with projects like these. The History of Joakim Soria has now covered about 30 years so I am over halfway done posting. Today’s victim is 1978 Topps. Like 1971 Topps it is one of the very first cards I ever re-created.

I like the design. It is simple and appealing. It has likely one of the largest areas for uninterrupted picture of any year of Topps. It seems plain in many ways but still looks good. I really like the position in the baseball too, it is a nice touch.

36 Greatest Royals of All-Time: Mike Sweeney   Leave a comment

Royals Greats Mike Sweeney custom cardMike Sweeney is a very beloved guy in Royals history. He was one of the “nice guys” in the game and the Kansas City fans embraced him during his years in Kansas City. His career is really one of those “What could’ve been…” stories however. Injuries plagued much of his career keeping him from becoming the superstar he was capable of being.

Sweeney put up what you could argue was the greatest season ever by a Royal at the plate. He batted .333 with 29 home runs and an amazing 144 RBI. He was one of the few players in recent history to were a “C” on his jersey every game representing “Captain.”

He bounced around a couple places after the Royals but never had any more great seasons for anyone else. One of his many injuries relegated him to strictly being a DH, determinately diminishing his value. In spring of 2011 he came back to the Royals to retire in a very cool act. He will always be a rare bright spot in a very dark era for the Kansas City Royals.