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Major League Debut Custom Card: Christian Colon   Leave a comment

Christian Colon Major League Debut Custom Card


Major League Debut Royals custom card: Chris Dwyer   Leave a comment

MLB Debut custom card Chris Dwyer

Major League Debut custom card: Aaron Brooks   Leave a comment

MLB Debut Custom Card Aaron Brooks

MLB Debut custom card: Brandon Finnegan   Leave a comment

MLB Debut custom card Brandon Finnegan

Custom Card of the Day: Justin Maxwell 1971 Topps   Leave a comment


Holy crap, has it really been three months since a post? Wow. I’ve been busy over at writing about music and writing for a few print publications and haven’t noticed. In baseball news the Royals are doing well; better than they have done in the 20+ years I’ve been a fan really. So here is a custom of the newest Royal, a good deadline deal brought Justin Maxwell from the Astros. Here is how it would have looked if he had a 1971 Topps card in 2013. More soon hopefully.

Justin Maxwell 1971 Topps custom card

Custom Card of the Day: 1980 Topps Lorenzo Cain   Leave a comment

Lorenzo Cain 1980 Topps custom card

Custom Card of the Day: 1985 Topps Brandon Albert custom card   Leave a comment

In honor of Jeff Rock’s newest follower on twitter, her is a Brandon Albert custom card. Follow him, it’ll make him feel good.1985 Topps Brandon Albert custom card.