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Major League Debut custom card: Irving Falu   4 comments

A huge congratulations is in order for longtime Royals minor leaguer Irving Falu on finally getting to the major league team. He made his Kansas City Royals and Major League debut on May 6, 2012 and got a triple in his first career at bat. I was pulling for Falu to be the Royals utility man in spring training but the team had signed veteran Yuniesky Betancourt to fill that roll. An injury to Betancourt allowed Falu the big opportunity and he made the most of it.


At A Hair Off Square that means a major league debut card, I have often called it my favorite set and it is still true. I love the card design and how exclusive the players on the cards are. Here is Irving Falu’s card.

Major League Debut custom card Irving Falu

Major League Debut: Kelvin Herrera custom card   Leave a comment

Major League Debut Kelvin Herrera custom cardHere is the 12th and final installment of the Major League Debut cards for 2011. Having 12 players make their major league debut is a pretty amazing statistic. The Royals are so young that this really wasn’t too surprising however. I plan to continue these cards next year with hopefully a few more(Mike Montgomery, Clint Robinson, David Lough, it is hard to tell.)

Kelvin Herrera has great stuff but his major league debut didn’t really reflect that fact. On his first major league pitch he hit a batter. Things didn’t get a whole lot better after that. His final line was 1 inning, 2 hits and 3 earned runs. He has the dreaded ERA of 27.00 for right now and received the loss in his very first game. Still a major milestone making it to the biggs for Herrera. Hopefully he will get opportunities to redeem himself in the bullpen in Kansas City next year.

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2011 Major Leage Debut: Salvador Perez   Leave a comment

Major League Debut Salvador Perez Custom CardSalvador Perez got a surprising call to the major leagues and made his debut on August 10, 2011 against the Tampa Bay Rays. The game might forever be known for what happened in the 9th inning but it really doesn’t matter all that much.

Perez collected his first major league hit in a 1-3 effort at the plate that included a sacrifice fly that resulted in his first career RBI. His biggest contribution came with the catcher’s gear on. He picked off two base runners wandering too far off base after pitches. One of which was the tying run on third base at the time. One was at first and one was at third base and it should also be mentioned that he narrowly missed a pick-off on second base as well.

Major League Debut: Johnny Giavotella   Leave a comment

Major League Debut Johnny Giavotella cutom cardWhen Manny Pina made his major league debut on August 3rd I posted this card. I said that Johnny G was next to get a major league debut card, I never thought it would only be 2 days later. Gio landed with a splash the same way Manny Pina did. He went 2-3 with a double for his first major league hit. He also drove in a run, stole a base and looked comfortable in the field. His scrappy Dustin Pedroia-like play is sure to win over Kansas City Royals fans. His call-up got a lot of momentum of late, so fans were really excited to see him in the lineup. It was great to see the infield of Hosmer-Giavotella-Escobar-Moustakas, that is a lot of young talent on one field.

Aaron Crow Major League Debut custom card   Leave a comment

Major League Debut custom card Aaron Crow of the RoyalsAaron Crow made his Major League debut on March 31, 2011. It was opening day in Kansas City and Crow pitched 1 1/3 innings and struck out 3 while giving up no runs, hits or walks.

Card Printing: 1983 Topps Royals, Major League Debut   3 comments

1983 Topps Royals printed custom cards

My sets of 1983 Topps Royals and Major League Debut custom cards printed, cut and ready to go into binders.

This is kind of a big pay-off for me making my custom cards. I don’t print many of them but I do like to print some. I decided to print my whole 1983 Topps Royals set and my major league debut cards. I was pretty happy with the result. They always seem to print a little dark but that is not a big issue. I print them on 120 lbs. card stock and cut them with a small slide cutter so my edges are always straight. It is incredibly difficult to get the cards centered if they have a white border but I get better at that with each set I cut. This picture show my set scattered on the floor. I usually print 2 sets of everything I decide to print, one to go in a Royals binder and one to keep in a separate card stack. So far I have printed I believe five sets and am looking forward to doing more.

Danny Duffy Major League Debut custom card   Leave a comment

Danny Duffy Major League Debut custom cardDanny Duffy was the a high profile major league debut for the Kansas City Royals against the Texas Rangers in Kauffman Stadium on May 18, 2011. He started the game and went 4 innings giving up 2 runs on 4 hits and striking out 4. Duffy did have control problems in that game which was his downfall giving him a high pitch count quickly as he walked 6 batters in his 4 innings. He would not figure in the decision.

Everett Teaford Major League Debut custom card   Leave a comment

Everett Teaford Major League Debut custom cardThe Royals left-handed relief pitcher made his major league debut on May 17, 2011 in Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. It was against the Cleveland Indians and he pitched 1 1/3 innings. He gave up one run on a solo home run while giving up a total of 2 hits and 1 walk in the inning and a third.

Eric Hosmer Major League Debut custom card   Leave a comment

Eric Hosmer Major League Debut custom cardEric Hosmer made the most high profile major league debut for the Royals this season. It came in Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City on May 8, 2011 against the Oakland Athletics. He went 0-2 with 2 walks and 2 strikeouts, one of which was a called third strike that clearly was a ball. He also stole a base in that game and started a nice double play as well.

Tim Collins Major League Debut custom card   Leave a comment

Tim Collins Major League debut cardTim Collins made his major league debut for the Kansas City Royals on opening day 2011. It was March 31, 2011 in Kauffman Stadium. Collins pitched 1 inning while giving up one hit, walking one and striking one batter out in his scoreless inning.