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Complete List of Kansas City Royals Bobbleheads   Leave a comment

I have compiled a list of all of the Kansas City Royals bobblehead stadium giveaways. I have listed them from the first one given away. I have looked and can’t find good documentation of a list and dates anywhere on the internet so I have compiled one. As of the end of the 2012 season there have been 23 Kansas City Royals bobbleheads and 6 statues. If you have any changes or additions please let me know.

  • Carlos Beltran   5/11/02
  • Sluggerrr   6/30/02
  • Mike Sweeney   4/5/03
  • Denny Matthews   8/7/04
  • Bret Saberhagen statue   8/13/05
  • Frank White   6/24/06
  • Mark Gubicza statue   7/21/06
  • Dick Howser   7/22/06
  • George Brett   8/19/06
  • Paul Splittorff   5/26/07
  • Dennis Leonard   6/9/07
  • Steve Busby   7/28/07
  • Cookie Rojas   8/11/07
  • Fred Patek   9/8/07
  • John Mayberry   5/31/08
  • Alex Gordon   6/21/08
  • Dan Quisenberry 7/26/08
  • Larry Gura   8/9/08
  • Tony Pena Jr.   9/6/08
  • Stadium replica statue  5/16/09
  • Dick Howser statue   7/18/09
  • Frank White statue   8/8/09
  • George Brett statue   9/26/09
  • Zack Greinke   4/24/10
  • Bret Saberhagen   6/5/10
  • Willie Wilson   6/4/11
  • Joakim Soria   9/3/11
  • Buck O’Neil   7/21/12
  • Eric Hosmer   8/18/12


Custom Card of the Day: Zack Greinke 1994 Triple Play   Leave a comment

Zack Greinke 1993 Triple Play custom card

36 Greatest Royals: Zack Greinke   Leave a comment

36 Royals Greats Zack Greinke cutom cardAlright, it is a little strange writing an article about how great Zack Greinke was and how he is one of the 36 greatest Royals players of all time. It is weird because he is still pitching for the Milwaukee Brewers. Whatever he does for the Brewers won’t tarnish his up and down career as a Kansas City Royal.

In 2009 he pretty much clinched the status as a Royals great by winning a Cy Young award on a terrible team. He consistently got poor run support and was almost unhittable all season. He posted 16 wins and more importantly a 2.17 ERA. This even came after a season where he almost left baseball and pitched in just 3 games. He then resurrected his career in the Kansas City bullpen and became a dominant starter. He only posted 60 wins in his 7 seasons in Kansas City but still was one of only a couple bright spots for those teams shortly after the turn of the century.