Custom Card of the Day: 1983 Topps Adam Dunn   7 comments

Adam Dunn 1983 Topps custom cardAdam Dunn 1983 Topps modified custom card

1983 Topps is a great design. The card on the left represents the actual colors for the Chicago White Sox cards of that year.  I think it looks pretty bad. I know they were trying to create more color on the cards but it made it look ugly. So on the right is the card I picked the colors for. I think it is better, it may be bland but it at least matches the White Sox colors a little bit.

Adam Dunn in a way replaced my favorite active player. This season the Chicago White Sox signed Dunn as a free agent this off-season to pretty much fill a designated hitter roll. This role was vacated by Jim Thome before last season. Ozzie Guillen made a bad decision last year by thinking he could use several players in that role. I don’t think it worked well and the White Sox signed Dunn for this year. Thome is now a Minnesota Twin and is similar to the type of player Dunn is. Adam Dunn has yet to create the impact that Thome did for that team. I think Dunn will get hot sometime this year, likely when he plays the Royals a lot.

This is a White Sox card and you should visit CSD’s custom cards if you like the White Sox cards. There is also a lot of draft cards going up over there right now so be sure to go check out CSD’s.

7 responses to “Custom Card of the Day: 1983 Topps Adam Dunn

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  1. Love the Dunn cards! Do you have a template for these I could use? They just look so good.

  2. I am always happy to give templates, whatever you need. I usually use Illustrator, what is your preferred file format?

  3. PNG Files are what I work with right now. I am pretty new to the whole deal though.

  4. I agree, the 1983 White Sox color scheme does not match up at all with the current White Sox team colors. I had a similar problem while working on a 1983 Topps Edgar Martinez card, changed blue/yellow for navy blue/teal and presto!

  5. Great card! I love the ’83 Topps design. Do you still have a template (Photoshop) that you could share?

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