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Aaron Crow Major League Debut custom card   Leave a comment

Major League Debut custom card Aaron Crow of the RoyalsAaron Crow made his Major League debut on March 31, 2011. It was opening day in Kansas City and Crow pitched 1 1/3 innings and struck out 3 while giving up no runs, hits or walks.


2011 Royals Futures Game: Danny Duffy and Louis Coleman   2 comments

Royals Futures Game Danny DuffyRoyals Futures Game Louis Coleman

Here are a couple more re-posts of my futures game cards. These two who pitched for Omaha in that game in early April wouldn’t have to wait very long before returning to Kansas City.

Nate Adcock Major League Debut custom card   Leave a comment

Major League Debut Nate Adcock custom cardNate Adcock was a rule 5 draft choice by the Kansas City Royals in 2011. This means a lot of things but most importantly it means he will play with the big league club during the year if he is to remain with the team. His Major League Debut was on opening day 2011, March 31. He pitched one scoreless inning and gave up two hits, walking none and striking out none.

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2011 Mustangs: Brock Chaffin   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Brock ChaffinBrock Chaffin appears to be the “replacement” for Johnny Coy who recently was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. Chaffin and Koerper are the teams first basemen and appear to have the necessary power to fill that role. From the games I have seen, it looks like Chaffin is the primary first baseman and Koerper is the primary designated hitter.

Brock Chaffin had a bin RBI double tonight in the top of the 8th inning to tie the game at 6-6 against Joplin. The game is still active as I write this but either Chaffin had a very big hit to allow this game to go to extra innings. As of the 10th inning Chaffin is 3-4 with a walk and a run and at least one RBI that Pointstreak is not displaying for some reason.

1983 Topps Royals: Jarrod Dyson and Vin Mazzro   Leave a comment

1983 Topps Royals Jarrod Dyson1983 Topps Royals Vin Mazzaro

Jarrod Dyson back up, Vin Mazzaro back down; bring on the D-Backs.

2011 Mustangs: Manager Matt Johnson   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Matt JohnsonMatt Johnson is the manager of the St. Joe Mustangs. I believe he was assistant manager at Northwest Missouri State University when I attended the college about four years ago. I remember him pitching for the St. Joe Blacksnakes in their short-lived time in St. Joe. He has managed the Mustangs for all three of their seasons and has a very impressive record during that time.

A quick not about the Mustangs cards: My set of St. Joe Mustangs cards is NOT FOR SALE. I have never sold them and have no plans to. I have been asked about selling them by a few people and have acknowledged that I do not have the rights to produce any Mustangs items. They are licensed the same way the Kansas City Royals are and I can not sell anything I make. I don’t even sell advertising on my website, I do it to provide information about the team and amuse myself. It would be great to see the Mustangs produce a baseball card set(they never have) I hope they do, I would definitely buy one. I would like to see how my cards would measure up against a set produced by the team.

The whole reason I started writing about the Mustangs is that I was unsatisfied with the media coverage of the team. I thought it was difficult to find the Mustangs results without watching the St. Joe news. Another reason I make the cards is because pictures are boring. I could post pictures of the Mustangs games I attend and write about them but this is much more interesting. If you have looked at my site, you know that I love baseball cards as well, the St. Joe Mustangs cards are really something that was bound to happen on this site.

So I encourage you to read my site, look at my cards, then go to a Mustangs game and buy a t-shirt. Also visit their website.

2011 Mustangs: Cameron Bentley   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Cameron BentleyDid you know St. Joe Mustangs center fielder Cameron Bentley was batting a down-right gaudy .536 in MINK league games going into Sunday? He has been lighting up MINK league pitching. He hasn’t hit for much power, he has 2 extra base hits out of 15 and only 4 runs driven in. He has constantly been on base. I hope to see more of him in the lineup to see if he can keep this torrid pace up.

So this is my second St. Joe Mustangs card. It is much higher quality than the first. I did a Cody Cunningham card in honor of his no-hitter bit the picture was sub-par and lower quality than I would like to use. I don’t have a great camera so light is essential to my photographs for these cards. This means I have to get to games early and get pictures while the sun is still up. This Saturday the Mustangs started at 5:00 instead of the normal 7:00, meaning I got an extra 2 hours of sunlight. I took several pictures and comprised most of my team set. I have 18 cards done right now and about 3 of those might get re-done at some point(like Cunningham.) Here is the first of what will likely be a regular stream of posts for the Mustangs cards.

On Saturday the Mustangs swept the double-header against the Omaha Diamond Spirit. I’m not getting in depth about the games but I do have a couple thoughts. Brent Seifert hit a 2-run home run and continues to impress me night after night, he is my favorite player on the team. With Seifert in the lineup, Mark Robinette must sit. From what I have seen, Robinette is a very good hitter (and I believe the Mustangs poached him from the Chillicothe Mudcats too.) At first base and designated hitter, Kris Koerper and Brock Chaffin seem to have those positions filled so Robinette looks like the odd man out.

Ben Baker pitched in the first game of the double-header and struggled. I’m not sure of his line but around the 3rd inning he really started getting knocked around. The second game gave me my first chance of the year to see Adam Maddox pitch. I really like watching him pitch, he is extremely good, again, I don’t know his line but the Mustangs took the game 14-0 so his line had to be very good. Patrick Burkhart continues to impress me as well. He had a costly error that likely costs the Mustangs their only home loss of the year last week but he is looking great at the plate.

Keep up the good work guys, it is a ton of fun to watch!