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History of Joakim Soria: 1996 Topps   1 comment

History Of Joakim Soria 1996 Topps custom card1996 Topps was an interesting year. A nice simple card design with a standard white border but with a couple subtle twists. Topps had done the inset picture on the front of the card a couple times before but what they decided to do was strange in 1996. The echoed the exact same picture in the name bar. It was a colored picture and was in a box that had a gradient with the name. The inset picture was of course a face closeup but I don’t really know that it added much to the card design.

Other than than a really standard year. Square picture, no strange curves or lines other than the name/picture box. Just a team logo in the corner of the card, it isn’t spelled out and the players position isn’t even on the front of the card. It was a bit difficult to re-create. Getting the gradient over the inset picture proved challenging but no too bad. It really isn’t all that interesting of year for Topps. I remember buying an absolute crap-load of the packs though.

Once again I think Goose Joak did a better re-creation than me. He did a Brad Hawpe card for 1996 Topps that he nailed.

Prospect Watch: Tim Melville – Wilmington Blue Rocks   3 comments

Prospect Watch Tim MelvilleThis is an original design I did to use exclusively on Royals minor league players. My plan is to familiarize myself with prospects in the Royals minor league system by posted one of these “Prospect Watch” cards  of them and doing a quick blurb about them as well. To choose Tim Melville, I just looked at the Blue Rocks roster to decide and simply picked a name I had heard of.

The Wilmington Blue Rocks are a high single A affiliate for the Royals so the players they have still have a couple more steps before making it to the big leagues. Melville appears to have his hands full at that level this year though. He has posted a 4.56 ERA so far with a record of 8-8 in 24 games. He has tossed just over 100 innings and has struck out 83 with a WHIP of 1.56.

As I will always reccommend; if you want to know more about Royals prospects, head over to The Pine Tar Press. It is a great site featuring prospects from all levels and the amount of knowlege about them on that site is amazing.

The Chiefs return to 2009 form! Glenn Dorsey   Leave a comment

Glenn Dorsey 1979 Topps custom cardThe Chiefs put up a mighty 25-0 performance against the Buccaneers tonight. Only problem? They put up the 0 not the 25. Its only preseason but c’mon man, get on the board. Personally I would rather be beaten over the head with a plastic bat than watch preseason football; and I’m a huge football fan too. Preseason just sucks. Here is a Glenn Dorsey card.

36 Greatest Royals: Jeff Montgomery   Leave a comment

Royals Greats Jeff Montgomery custom cardJeff Montgomery was a constant for the Royals through the 1990s. Whatever problems the team had offensively or with starting pitching Monty was always at the back of the bullpen. He was a 3 time all-star with the Royals during his major league career. His greatest accomplishment would have to be his 304 career saves, a really huge number. To put it in perspective, Joakim Soria has accumulated a ton of saves but is still only half way to Jeff Montgomery’s number. His top save season came in 1993 when he co-led the league (with Duane Ward) with a co-Royals record (with Dan Quisenberry) 45 saves.

You can justify Montgomery’s status as one of the greatest Royals players all you want but he is one of the very first players for the team I ever endeared. This is a big reason he is getting this card. He and Mike MacFarlane were two of my favorites when I first found my blind dedication to the team. No matter which way you cut it, I think it is a given that Monty belongs in the top 36 Royals of all-time.

2011 Major Leage Debut: Salvador Perez   Leave a comment

Major League Debut Salvador Perez Custom CardSalvador Perez got a surprising call to the major leagues and made his debut on August 10, 2011 against the Tampa Bay Rays. The game might forever be known for what happened in the 9th inning but it really doesn’t matter all that much.

Perez collected his first major league hit in a 1-3 effort at the plate that included a sacrifice fly that resulted in his first career RBI. His biggest contribution came with the catcher’s gear on. He picked off two base runners wandering too far off base after pitches. One of which was the tying run on third base at the time. One was at first and one was at third base and it should also be mentioned that he narrowly missed a pick-off on second base as well.

Salvador Perez gets the call!   Leave a comment

Royals Futures Game Salvador PerezSalvador Perez 2011 Topps custom card

I can’t even imagine the excitement when a baseball player gets the call to the big leagues. Salvador Perez got the call last night and I heard he said he couldn’t talk for 2 hours. This is a shocking call-up to me. I am very excited about it. Here are a couple cards I have made of Perez so far. Tonight he will get his major league debut card as I have done for the other 10 Royals to make their major league debut this year.

Custom Card of the Day: 1980 Topps Jim Thome   Leave a comment

Jim Thome 1980 Topps custom cardJim Thome is going to hit his 600th home run any day now. The guy epitimizeses what a power hitter should be, it is all or nothing with him. He hits balls a mile, he sends the crowd into a frenzy. He is limping to this feat as he should be. Barry Bonds didn’t limp to 600 but he had a little “help.”

The feat is going largely unrecognized to this point. I wish he would get a little more publicity for this. I made this 1980 Topps card of him to drub up some publicity. My favorite part of the card is actually the signature. I traced it from an autographed baseball for the card and couldn’t be happier with the result. I hate the colors of this card though, just plain ugly. Oh well, it was 1980 I guess.

2011 Mustangs Season Highlights: Kyle Jackson   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Kyle Jackson Season HighlightsThis is the last Mustangs card for 2011. Kyle Jackson pitched a great game and notched the 2nd win for the team in the NBC World Series, it would be their last win of the season. Thanks for the great season Mustangs.

2011 Mustangs: The Bat Boy!   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Michael Dycus

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2011 Mustangs Season Highlights: Brent Seifert   Leave a comment

2011 Mustangs Brent Seifert Season HighlightsBrent Seifert was amazing this year. That is all.